Nike Hyperflight Golf Ball Review [2021]

Have you ever wondered why your improvement in golf is slower than your expectations? Maybe it is due to a wrong choice of a golf ball. We have reviewed one of the best golf balls on the market today. Please, take a close look at the Nike Hyperflight Golf Ball review.

What Should I look when choosing a golf ball?

Before we move on to the Nike Hyperflight golf ball, we should know how to choose the best golf ball. We spend a lot of time while looking for a good golf club, but when it is time for selecting golf balls, many of us think they are all the same. Is this true? Today, we will bust all the myths with the Nike Hyperflight golf ball review.

How important is to choose the best golf ball?

Hit the ball multiple times with a putter, but let’s try to find the best putter for our needs. However, if golf balls are your main topic, you don’t really care. However, the only equipment we use for each shot is a golf ball. You have to emphasize it.

This stems from the idea that a good shot is a good shot, regardless of the ball. We must say: this is not true. In tests, the average distance between the balls can exceed 17 yards at 115 miles per hour. You might say it’s not that fast. Therefore, the flight distance at 85 mph is approximately 8 yards.

Tips for choosing our perfect ball


Even with the same ball, the movement is not the same when the swing is slow and when the swing is fast. For longer shots, we recommend you to use firmer balls. It would be best if you maximize your potential. Even with the same ball, the movement is not the same when the swing is slow and when the swing is fast.

In the end, once you find the perfect ball, keep onto it. As we all know, golf has too many variables. Some of them are rooted in human factors, but some of them not. Let’s say, we all think that a wind change is not our fault. However, off-center shots are definitely under our fault. Or maybe not? We’ll find the answer to this in the Nike Hyperflight Golf Ball Review.

Nike Hyperflight Golf Ball Review

Nike Hyperflight Golf Ball

Nike is well known for its exceptional design, cutting edge technology and ease of use in golf and sporting goods. Hyperflight golf balls are no exception.

This is one of the best balls for beginners. We already told you how different carry distance could be. We mentioned 85 mph and 115 mph with a reason. For the average golfer, 115 mph is very good, that’s the reason. Also, 85 mph is the speed of casual golfers who occasionally play golf.

Therefore, the Nike Hyperflight very soft compression core designed to maximize the forgiveness for golfers who swing below 85 mph. Regardless of the genre, many beginners will start at less than 85 mph, so Nike Hyperflight prioritizes forgiveness over a long distance. As mentioned earlier, at 85mph, short and long balls carry is around 8 yards. Therefore, if the swing is less than 85mph, it will be even smaller.

What is the Feel

When you read the other reviews on the Internet, you will see the stupid comments: It feels incredible. It feels this or that.

If we read the reviews on the net, we will see excellent comments: This is a fantastic ball, feels great, etc. When we touch the Hyperflight ball, we begin to feel that this ball design is designed to work better on the green, thanks to the softcover. It limits your risk of hitting a subtle hit.


Precision is the best attribute of this golf ball. It is incredibly precise. This golf ball has succeeded where the other balls suffer from inconsistencies. Some of the balls are not designed well enough to minimize inconsistencies. Nike Hyperflight doesn’t have this problem. Nike engineers clearly knew what they were doing and what they were trying to do.

Tests performed with an oscillating robot found that at low speeds, the golf ball moves a similar distance or similar direction. Keep in mind that with oscillating robots, inconsistent spheres can show up to 20 meters of diversity. This is due to a malfunction in the production. It could be because the ball is not round or the dimples are not regular. However, this ball did not show such an inconsistency.


Nike Hyperflight doesn’t have a problem with durability. If you are a beginner, you will use this ball for a long time. But, after you start hitting a ball with higher swing speed, it will be the time to replace this golf ball.

  • Ideally for beginners
  • Performs very good in the long run
  • Very consistent ball
  • None



As mentioned earlier, choosing the right golf ball is the key to improving performance and unlocking its potential. With that in mind, Nike Hyperflight is the perfect solution for a beginner golf player. We highly recommend it!