How Many Clubs In A Golf Bag

Are you a beginner? If “yes,” You need to know every specific information about golf. Golf is possibly the most modern game of them all. We also know that golf is a very complicated game for holding the most strict rules, including the number of golf clubs, are permitted in a golf bag. Moreover, if you are a skilled golfer, it’s also necessary for you to understand how many clubs you can carry with your golf bag.


Now, let’s explain how many golf clubs are allowed in a golf bag?

 When we read history, a golfer can officially carry a maximum number of 14 clubs in a golf bag if you played under the golf rules. In the early 20th century, Highly experienced golfers took 20 to 25 clubs in their golf bags. Upon this information, the current situation looks a bit complicated for a few.


How Many Clubs Are Allowed in the PGA Championship?

 According to USGA (United States of Golf Association), a golfer can bring 14 clubs in his golf bag. This may involve three types of wood, eight irons, and a putter. Usually, those 12 clubs are always carried with every golfer. A Professional golfer can not break the rules of USGA(United State of Golf Association). That’s why a golfer can carry a maximum Number of 14 clubs in his golf bag in the PGA Championship.


Can you carry more than 14 clubs in your golf bag?

 What if you exceed the limit of 14 clubs? If you play golf like golf experts, it is necessary to include your clubs before you play, as there is a penalty when you exceed the limit. Expert golfers always try to maintain USGA (United State of Golf Association) rules. If you try to be an expert golfer, you should also maintain USGA rules. If you break USGA rules (United State of Golf Association), you can not participate in the PGA Championship.



Can you carry less than 14 clubs in your golf bag?

 Of course, You can carry less than 14 clubs. There is no minimum number of clubs you can carry but mind it, You can not cross the maximum number of 14 clubs. Moreover, if you want you can complete your whole course with a putter only.


Can you share golf clubs with your partner?

 Officially you can not use your partner’s golf clubs. Under USGA rules (United State of Golf Association), you can not use your partner’s golf clubs while you play the course.

Excitingly, You can carry your partner’s golf clubs in your own bag, but you can not still use your partner’s clubs. You and your partners have to use each other’s club.


Why the limitation in golf clubs?

The limit has essentially been established to regulate the number of clubs in a golf bag, making players more creative with course maneuvers.

Extra known Advantage are :

  • You can quickly transfer the golf bag around the golf course. ( 14 is already heavy)
  • If you carry more, that will be much more expensive (14 is already expensive).
  • It will make you more creative and dynamic.


Can you carry any type of golf club?  

 “YES” it doesn’t matter what kind of clubs are in your bag. If you play under the USGA rules. Depending on your choice, you can take any club, whether it’s a putter, a driver, or a wedge, or more, it’s not a violation of any rules of governing law.


Can I add Extra clubs to my bag while a round is playing?

Excitingly, according to the new rules of USGA, You can carry extra clubs while you are playing a round, if you are taken 14 or fewer clubs. For Example, if you started playing with 12 clubs, you can add 1 or 2 more clubs depending on your needs.


Can you carry 2 putters in your golf bag?1

“YES,” you can carry 2 putters if you want, but you have to remember that you can not carry more than 14 clubs in your golf bag. one extra putter is also counted as an additional club in your golf bag. I also preferred that you should take 2 putters in your golf bag. Because one for short-ranged and another for long-ranged putting.


So, what golf clubs in your golf bag should you own?

As an expert golfer, you should take one driver, two woods, six irons, two wedges, and two putters total of 13 clubs when you play. Those clubs are necessary for you. Depending on the course, you may add another wedge or another putter by your needs.


Our Final Thoughts 

When we enjoy golf matches on tv, we think the game is very easy, and the golfers are playing easily. But a golfer has to maintain so many rules and hard work when he is playing the course. Every golfer’s performance depends on which kind of clubs he chose to play with and the shots they’re capable of making. An expert golfer also has to prevent penalties during the course, and it’s important to remember a golfer can not carry more than 14 clubs in his golf bag.

When you are playing a tournament, you should always count your golf clubs before the golf course. If you forgot and took an extra club, you will be penalized for breaking the rules of USAG. Before play, you must understand playing conditions and take the right set of golf clubs accordingly. The right set of clubs allow making good shots while playing the golf course.