Best Golf Travel Bag [2021]

For the best golf travel bag, we have compiled seven models that stand out due to their price-performance ratio. Let’s have a look!

Golf is becoming increasingly popular from walks of life. It is a sport that requires a set of complete equipment. That’s why the best golf travel bag is an essential item.

The article includes all of the affordable entry-level models, medium-priced all-rounders, and professional premium models. Here is the list of the top seven choices for the best golf travel bag.

Top 7 Best Golf Travel Bags

Best Overall: Titleist Golf Club Travel Cover

Titleist Golf Club Travel Cover


The Titleist golf travel bag is incredibly spacious, offers optimal protection for your golf kits. It is made from tear-resistant material, which contains reinforced seams, hardshell elements on the inside.

The plush padding ensures ultimate safety when transporting your equipment. Amazingly, the bag can even store large cart bags with a diameter of up to 10 inches. Besides, patch and integrated pockets provide additional storage space for shoes and accessories.

Overall, it is a thoroughly robust travel cover. There is no doubt that the Titleist golf bag has been a popular and sought-after model for many golf travelers for several years.

  • Spacious and high protection ensure
  • Suitable for large golf bags with a 10-inch top diameter.
  • High-quality inline skates
  • Robust and stable outer material and zippers
  • Some customers complain that the bag is broken after a few uses


Best Performance: TaylorMade Golf Travel Bag

TaylorMade Golf Travel Bag


The best golf travel bag should offer you maximum storage space, optimal protection, and high durability. The premium travel cover from TaylorMade has it all.

There is room for two compact carrying bags or extra-large cart bags in the TaylorMade travel bag. Integrated hard shell elements optimally protect the equipment.

The bag is incredible due to reinforced seams, tear-resistant outer material, and high-quality inline rolls. Only with a weight of 11 ounces, every golf travelers will not need to keep an eye on the restrictions of the airlines.

  • Spacious storage area and full protection
  • High durability and optimal performance
  • Meticulous details with premium materials
  • Extremely lightweight and compact
  • Does not come with a valuable pouch


Best Protection: Bag Boy Golf 2018 T-10 Hard Top Travel Cover

Bag Boy Golf 2018 T-10 Hard Top Travel Cover


The BagBoy T-10 travel golf bag is a hybrid solution for full protection. There is robust and adaptable nylon in the lower area and a hard shell bell in the racket head area.

It is the best example of a safely stowing protruding golf bag. The product is well-padded in the interior and equipped with another hard shell element in the rear part. So, it offers a lot of protection for your equipment.

With a weight of about 10 pounds, the T-10 travel cover is a heavyweight golf travel bag, and the price is also in the upper segment. However, this investment is particularly profitable for your valuable golf equipment.

  • Two ball-bearing inline rollers make pulling easier
  • Double reinforced seams for permanent use
  • Two additional outside pockets for more storage space
  • Four different color variants
  • Heavyweight and expensive


Most Compact: Bag Boy T-750 Wheeled Travel Golf Cover

Bag Boy T-750 Wheeled


The Bag Boy T-750 golf bag is a robust travel cover that is up to a 9.5-inch top diameter. The premium outer material makes the Bag Boy bag particularly resistant. Also, the patch pockets provide additional storage space.

The head area is well-padded and reliably mitigates hard impacts during transport. There are belts in the interior to attach the golf bag to you. It weighs only 5 pounds, and this model is especially recommended for flights with a low weight limit.

  • Hardcase element in the lower area for protection
  • Ball-bearing inline wheels for easy transport
  • External accessory pockets for additional equipment
  • Comes in five choices of color
  • The wheels are not durable and easy to be broken


Most Durable: OGIO 2018 Straight Jacket Travel Cover

OGIO 2018 Straight Jacket Travel Cover


OGIO is a manufacturer that develops the most stable and robust products on the market. And it can be observed very well with the Straight Jacket golf travel bag.

The product is made of tear-resistant material and equipped with reinforced seams. It is ideal protection for your equipment. The hard shell elements integrated into the bottom produce the travel cover ideal for the transport golf equipment.

The possibilities of damaging the stand system when travelling are high if the travel cover does not offer protection from hard shell elements. And the OGIO Straight Jacket Travel Cover did a great job in providing optimal equipment protection.

  • Large compartments and smooth wheels
  • Most durable travel bag on the market so far
  • High-quality and premium materials for both interior and exterior
  • Durable protection by hard shell elements
  • Easy to get the wear and tear
  • Quite oversized


Best Materials: Wilson Staff EXO Cart Golf Bag

Wilson Staff EXO Cart


The Wilson Staff EXO golf bag combines a robust but flexible nylon area with a hard shell element in the head area. This implementation provides maximum protection for the sensitive club heads.

The manufacturer did so well that the result is a very light travel bag with a weight of only 5.2 pounds. As a little extra, the Wilson Staff EXO Cart golf bag offers multiple pockets for optimizing its storing capacities.

There are two Dry-Tech pockets, two garment pockets, three accessories pockets, one large compartment, and 14 full-length dividers. It is a nice feature, especially at the holiday location.

  • Smooth running inline wheels
  • Two additional pockets on the outside
  • The other handle on the bottom for more variability during transport
  • Premium materials in both interior and exterior
  • The strap is positioned incorrectly
  • Heavyweight and cumbersome


Best Price: AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Club Travel Bag

AmazonBasics Soft-Sided


The AmazonBasics travel bag is not only one of the most extensive travel covers in this article, but it is also extremely cheap. With a price of under $70, it is unusually affordable in the class of large-sized travel bag.

However, as high as the space available on the AmazonBasics is, the padding and thus protective effect is below average. It is also evident as the little weight of only 8.65 pounds.

  • Extremely affordable and massive in size
  • Ball-bearing inline wheels
  • Offers space for two 7-inch golf bags or a huge cart bag
  • The low weight of only 8.65 pounds
  • The padding and protection is not effective


What Features in a Golf Travel Bag?


As anticipated, the dividers serve to distribute the upper opening of the golf travel bag. Some travel bags with wheels may also have 14 dividers, which allow you to position the different clubs safely.

The dividers generally do not extend along the entire length of the bag. Therefore, the rods of the clubs storing inside the container may touch each other. But some higher-end models have single full-length dividers.

Putter Holder

It is a separate compartment specially designed to prevent the putter from damaging the arms of the other clubs. It also avoids damaging the head of your putter. A putter pocket is a good option, especially for super strokes.

Straps and Handles

Since most of the time, you will hold the bag with handles and straps, you will need to make sure that they have been positioned appropriately for your playing style. For example, if you don’t plan on walking regularly along the route, then a backpack-style double strap bag is less suitable than a single strap bag.

Rain Hood

Not all bags are equipped with a waterproof hood or weather protection system. However, it is a useful feature to keep the clubs dry and protected in case of disturbances.

Features You Should Consider for the Best Golf Travel Bag

Features You Should Consider for the Best Golf Travel Bag

Types of Bag

There are three types of the bag: Tour, Cart and Stand. Their dimensions vary according to the content they can carry. People who concern about prices can usually find the expense for a good Tour golf travel bag is very high.


Golf travel bags can have one or two pockets or even more than a dozen. When considering pockets, you need to think about what type of gear you’d like to have with you for travelling.

Of course, balls and spare shirts are essential. But what else would you like to bring with you? Do you want to have a windbreaker or a rain jacket in case the weather gets worse? Then look for a bag with a pocket for clothing.

Do you want a place to put your cell phone or other valuables? You will need a bag with a pocket to store your most precious things, which often have velvet or different soft fabric covering.

And what about drinks that promote hydration? Many bags come with an external beverage case or holster, which is ideal for holding a bottle of water. Some kits may also have a thermal pocket to keep refreshing drinks fresh at all times of the round.

Wheeling System

A nice feature of the Stand golf travel bag is that they are equipped with tripods to stand upright comfortably. The instruction of the different models always highlights this detail. On the market, there are numerous models that their trolley combined with the bag separately. So, they can transform into a Stand bag.

Bag Dimensions

It is difficult to say which is the best brand of golf bags. But it is not impossible to get the right product at a reasonable price and without giving up too many advantages.

The size of the bag is an aspect that directly determines the sale price. Not all of them are suitable for carrying the complete set, or they are not always made to offer a single compartment for each club.


What is a golf travel bag?

The travel golf bags are not precisely golf bags, meaning they are not brought into camp to have on hand all the clubs. Instead, these are bag covers designed to enclose and protect the entire bag and mallets during the journey.

The typical features of these covers include a padded top to protect the clubs, with wheels to optimize mobility. They have padded or reinforced handles for more exceptional handling and maybe even one or more external pockets to offer additional space.

If you often play away, these bags are ideal for keeping your clubs safe from the moment of check-in to baggage claim.

What should I do for golf travel bag’s maintenance?

Once you have purchased a new golf bag, it is essential to undergo regular maintenance to keep it as clean and functional as on the first day. At the end of each use, clean the bag with a damp cloth to remove dirt, pollen or debris.

Pay attention to what you put in the pockets and avoid leaving it there for long periods. Anything that gets wet should be removed from the pockets, cleaned and left to dry completely before putting it back in the golf bag.

Store the bag in a clean place away from dust or pollen. If you know you won’t be using it for a while, you can cover it with a plastic bag.

How to preserve the bag and make it last over time?

You must know how to handle them with care, whether during transport or when not in use. You should also remember to follow the supplier’s recommendations, such as maximum weights, not to be exceeded as well as general handling advice.

In the case of fabric bags, you can reinforce the bottom of the bag so that it has even more hold.

I am a golf lover, which bag is right for me?

There is no specific bag for professional or amateur. It all depends on the actual volume of your equipment, the style you want to have, and the budget you want to allocate to the purchase of the bag.

However, it is still advisable to identify in advance the equipment you want to take with you to find out which bag is right for you.

Final Words

The more you play golf, the more you understand the importance of having the best golf travel bag for your clubs. While amateur players might like to hit the links during the holidays, many passionate golfers make a point of participating in several tournaments a year. Either way, an appropriate golf travel bag becomes a must.