Best Golf Club Sets For The Money – Reviews With Buying Guide

Just starting your golf journey, not having any of the golf clubs? With this article, we will help you to get the best golf club sets for the money.
With how stressful the working environment has become in recent years, it’s no surprise that people are looking for hobbies that can help them to loosen up. From those hobbies, golfing stands out thanks to it being the easiest to relax with. Thus, it is no overstatement when we say that golf is among the most popular sports for relaxation right now.

However, being a fairly complicated sport, golf does require lots of skills from the player. Aside from this requirement in skill, though, there is also a necessity for you to attain some relatively good gears to fully enjoy golf. Due to the cost of getting each club just right being so high, it’s better to get the best golf club sets for the money.

The 10 Best Golf Clubs Set For The Money Review:

1. Wilson Junior Complete Golf Set – Best For Juniors

Wilson Junior Complete Golf Set


Having to send your kids to a caretaker while you are golfing is something that all golfers have experienced. So, how about bringing them along? But he needs some clubs if he is to play, for which the Wilson Juniors Complete Golf Set seems like the best.

At first glance, you can see that this set comes with just about anything the child needs, from a short iron to a putter, a hybrid, a wedge, and a driver. With these clubs, your child will be able to learn just about all the basics with ease, thanks to their newbie-friendly features.

For instance, the putter has alignment markers, making it easier to judge distance. Besides, the weighted-heel design ensures that young players do not mess up the swing mechanics. Also, the clubs can be used by both left-handed and right-handed players, providing some flexibility.

However, we do not like that the grips are too thin. Yes, we know that it’s for the children, but even their hands are not that small. Furthermore, there is no information on loft degrees.

  • Flex shafts
  • Plenty of forgiveness
  • Alignment markers
  • Great design
  • Thin grips
  • Limited range


2. LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Set – Best Quality

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Set Best Golf Club Sets For The Money


Being made from the same machines that give birth to Titleist and Callaway clubs, the first and best advantage that the LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Set holds is its quality. After all, they are using the same procedure as the titans in the golf world, so the quality is unquestionable.
However, this golf set does not carry the same price tag as those.

Instead, it will only cost you about 1/4 of their price. For this cost, you will get a set of 6 golf irons, ranging from the 4 to the nine, alongside a pitching wedge, whose design in clubhead maximizes control and spin. Thus, you will be more than ready for any situation.

Of course, there are still things that LAZRUS can improve on, like the fact that the wedge can be just too flexible.

  • High quality
  • Affordable
  • Clubhead maximizing control
  • Wedge being too flexible


3. Aspire PRO-X Ladies Complete Golf Clubs Set – Best For Petite Ladies

Aspire PRO-X Ladies Complete Golf Clubs Set


If you are a petite lady golfer, there is no better fit for you than the Aspire PRO-X Ladies Complete Golf Clubs Set. First of all, the length of these clubs is at the perfect mark for shorter golfers. Next, the whole set is arguably the most lightweight in this list.

Of course, Aspire still uses the best tech possible for the irons, like the new aerodynamic design that will help increase head speed. Also, they locate the CG precisely, making sure that your launch and distance are as consistent as possible.

On the contrary, Aspire really dropped the balls when it comes to the driver as well as the putter. From our experience, they are much worse than ones you can get easily at the store.

  • Aerodynamic design
  • Properly placed CG
  • Perfect club height for shorter players
  • Weak driver and putter


4. Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set – Best For Improvement

Callaway Men's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set


Designed to attain the ultimate distance possible, the Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set has the best features for that goal. For instance, there is a driver made completely from titanium, giving you the largest sweet spot possible. With this kind of forgiveness, you can easily start with a bomb from the tee.

Also, the 3-wood is also really forgiving, allowing you to high, long shots easily. Besides, the irons incorporate the high flight tech that has become quite popular lately, improving both control and distance. For these reasons, we determined that this set is best if you are looking for improvements.

Nevertheless, we are not impressed with the durability of these clubs. They are not breaking right away, per se, but they do not last as long as the others on the list.

  • Titanium driver
  • Forgiving woods
  • High-flight irons
  • Not durable


5. STRATA Men’s Golf Packaged Sets – Best Complete Set

STRATA Men's Golf Packaged Sets


The first thing that you will notice about the STRATA Men’s Golf Packaged Set is that it has 14 clubs. Yes, this is not as much as the Callaway Strata Ultimate, which has 16. However, each of these 14 clubs has its own unique identity, capable of carrying you in many specific situations.

To be more specific, we get one driver with a 460cc head, giving a big sweet spot, improving your launch from the tee a lot. Furthermore, all the irons and wedges have progressive sole width tech and perimeter weighting, improving your control significantly when facing obstacles.

As for what we don’t like about this set, the most glaring weakness must be the fact that they can break rather easily. If you cannot control your strength and swing as heavy as you can, the driver will break after a short time.

  • Clubs having a unique identity
  • Big sweet spot
  • Progressive sole width tech
  • Easy to break


6. Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set – Best Driver

Precise M5 Men's Complete Golf Clubs Package Set


With this set, we recommend that you focus first on the driver. You see, with its 460cc head, you can be sure that the sweet spot is not small at all. Also, as the shaft of this driver is graphite with just the right amount of flexibility, so you will be able to do golf launches just like a pro. As a matter of fact, we do believe that the driver of this set is the best on this list.

Naturally, it doesn’t end there for the Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set. Namely, the putter with its aiming mechanism update. Due to this update, your control while using this club will improve exponentially.

We don’t like this set because the irons are a little bit short. As a result, it becomes quite hard to hit them right.

  • Best driver
  • Aiming mechanism update
  • Spacious bag
  • Short irons


7. Precise M3 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set – Best Forgiveness

Precise M3 Men's Complete Golf Clubs Package Set - Best Golf Club Sets For The Money


If the Precise M5 set’s main advantage is the driver, then the M3 golf set is strong in all departments. For instance, the five irons, the putter, and the tree woods all have designs that provide the maximum amount of forgiveness possible. In truth, we believe that this set is indeed the best if we talk about forgiveness only.

For all those modifications, the price of this set is surprisingly affordable, making it a great choice as a starter set for you. After all, this set has all the basic tools for you to learn with.

The one complaint we have against this set is that the putter’s design is too unsightly. But it is definitely one of the best golf club sets for the money.

  • Maximum forgiveness design
  • Affordable
  • Having all the basic clubs
  • Unsightly putter


8. Aspire X1 Ladies Women’s Complete Golf Clubs Set – Best Shafts

Aspire X1 Ladies Women's Complete Golf Clubs Set


If you are not that comfortable with how many golf clubs the Aspire Pro-X has, then the Aspire X1 ladies’ golf set may be a good choice for you. Ultimately, it only has 9 clubs, which is significantly less than the Pro-X, making things much less confusing for newer players.

However, that is not the best part about this set, as all of its clubs’ shafts are high-quality graphite. Due to this material, these shafts all have a very reasonable flex, improving your swing speed and swing form remarkably.
On the contrary, maybe it was due to them focusing too much on the shaft; the clubs’ heads are total letdowns.

  • High-quality graphite shafts
  • A reasonable number of clubs
  • Great flex
  • Weak clubheads


9. Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue X Combo Sets – Best For Distance

Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue X Combo Sets


Being made from alloy steel, the clubs of the Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue X set can give your ball quite a bit of additional speed. As such, it is no overstatement when we recommend it as the best fit for people who want their launch to be as far as possible.

Despite traveling such a distance, the ball will never lose its trajectory thanks to the MIM’d Internal Standing Wave on the club. With this feature, you will attain a level of control that you have never experienced before.

In spite of these pros, there is a glaring weakness in this set that deducts lots of points. Namely, it’s the fact that the clubs can bend so easily.

  • Alloy steel shafts
  • Internal Standing Wave tech
  • 360cc driver
  • Easy to bend


10. PreciseGolf Co. Men’s Complete Golf Club Set – Best For Launching

PreciseGolf Co. Men's Complete Golf Club Set


Having a total of 19 available clubs, there is no denying that you will possess quite a large selection at your disposal with the PreciseGolf Co. Men’s Complete Golf Club Set.

Moreover, due to the unique design of the face, making it more robust yet thinner and lighter, the clubs in this set give you a uniquely high launch angle. As a consequence, it will provide you with an immediate performance boost. So, if you are a fan of winning through a big launch, there is no option as great as this set.

However, we do need to point out that the grip of these clubs needs some additional fixing. For the most part, they can easily slip from your hands.

  • Large club selection
  • Unique face design
  • High launch angle
  • Grip slipping easily


Benefits Of Investing In Golf Club Sets

Benefits Of Investing In Golf Club Sets Best Golf Club Sets For The Money

As we have mentioned above, getting one club and then working up from there is really costly and difficult. Aside from this, there are quite a lot of additional benefits.

Golf Club Sets Offer More Forgiveness

The first noticeable issue of getting golf clubs one at a time is that at the beginning, there is only one for you to work with. As a result, we can say that you will have a hard time if the club is, by chance, not that compatible with you as a player. In other words, there is almost no forgiveness if you go down this path and pick the first club wrong.

On the other hand, if you get a golf club set, even if some of the clubs do not fit you, there will always be one or two that can satisfy your needs. After all, there are lots of clubs that you can pick from. Hence, you are provided quite a lot of forgiveness, which is vital in boosting your golfing performance.

Golf Club Sets Have Uniform Durability And Strength

For the most part, all of the golf clubs in a set are made from the same materials and the same manufacturing process. As a consequence, it is undeniable that they all share the same durability and strength. Due to this reason, once a club breaks, you can deduct that the others must also be on the verge of breaking too if you have been using them regularly.

As you can guess, people buying golf clubs one by one do not get to enjoy that luxury. Essentially, due to having to use the first club a long time before getting the second and so on, you will see many clubs breaking in separate times. Thus, you will be stuck in a bad cycle, having to change clubs constantly.

What Does A Complete Club Set Consist Of?

What Does A Complete Club Set Consist Of

Naturally, there is just no way that you can throw a combination of the clubs you want into the bag and expect them to perform in a golf course, as a complete golf set is quite complicated. To be more specific, a golfer can only carry up to 14 clubs into a course, with each club serving a distinct mission, from the precise putters to the short wedges and booming driver.

The Driver

Being the single biggest club in your bag most of the time, the driver utilizes its giant clubhead to make a ball travel huge distances from the tee. As such, it usually has steep faces with a normal range between 7.5 degrees and 13 degrees. Of course, good golfers can always utilize the drivers in certain situations from the fairway.

Fairway Woods

Featuring heads as big as the drivers but much shallower, the fairway woods’ sweet spot is much lower, toward the club’s bottom. As you can easily guess from its name, fairway woods are the best for fairway situations. This is because it needs a good lie, such as fairways, to hit the ball perfectly off the ground. The most seen woods are the 3s and the 5s.

Hybrids Clubs

A cross between irons and woods, hybrids are more similar to woods in shape. Obviously, being the best of both worlds, it is much easier to hit than both of those. At the end of the day, hybrid clubs do have the loft and length of irons and incredible sweet spot of woods. Also, hybrids do forgive the more off-center hits.

Irons Clubs

If you want to hit holes, whether they are short, mid, or long-range, from the tee, you will need an iron. In general, irons are parts of sets with a maximum of eight clubs. Typically, these clubs are from the 3 to 9 range, with either a Gap or Pitching wedge accompanying them.

How To Use and Maintain Your Golf Clubs

How To Use and Maintain Your Golf Clubs

There is just no way to prevent natural wearing from happening on your golf clubs. Nevertheless, there are still ways to make sure that the clubs can last a whole lot longer. First of all, you should be as attentive as possible while checking the clubs before beginning the game. Of course, this process may be as simple as doing a quick inspection.

For instance, you quickly assess the golf club’s condition by eyes to see if they can still serve you through the game. To be more precise, you can check for signs of nicking in the shaft, dirt lodging beside the grooves, or grip peeling. We have mentioned any of the issues that are enough to warrant some amendment before the club can be in service again.

Checking for issues is not enough, as there is a need for you to prevent damage preemptively. For example, you can cover the head of each club while they are in the bag. The reason for this is the need for golf clubs to be placed securely while traveling, avoiding any chance of knocking. Also, headcovers can help limit unnecessary scratching between the clubs.

Furthermore, there is a need for every golfer to carry with themselves a towel so that they can quickly wipe the head of the clubs after each shot. Doing so will assure that the head will be free from all the dirt and dry before the headcover goes on. Consequently, the head will not receive any rust spots.

Best Golf Club Sets For The Money Buying Guide

Now that you have seen the ten best golf club sets for the money, we want to help you pick the most fitting one for you. As always, determining something like this can take a while, but you can certainly shorten that time down by considering these key factors:

Shaft Material

More often than not, you will see graphite serving as the main material for a golf club set. At the end of the day, there is nothing better for longer clubs than graphite. However, if it’s the irons we are talking about, you may see some steel sets.

In general, graphite shafts need to be longer, and for that, much more unforgiving. Naturally, due to the long shaft, graphite will help you tremendously if you want the furthest distance possible. Nonetheless, you may want to consider it carefully, as graphite is often a little bit higher in price than steel.

On the other hand, we know that steel is always heavier, making it much easier to control. Obviously, the weight does take away some distance, but it is never a considerable amount.

Shaft Flex

There are many flex options for both steel and graphite clubs. The best golf club sets for the money will not give you any stiff shaft in most cases. The reason for this phenomenon is the belief most manufacturers have that swinging a stiff staff equals a higher chance of buying individual clubs due to them fitting the needs better.

As a result, most of the time, you would get clubs that are uniflex, meaning they can flex a little bit, but nothing of note. For this reason, these clubs are best for mid to high handicappers who have average clubhead speed.


As you are just starting out on your golf journey, it’s in your best interest to get sets that have more forgiveness. After all, higher handicappers can lose interest fairly quickly if their club does not forgive them enough.

What Are The Best Golf Club Sets for the money


What Are The Best Golf Club Sets?

The best golf club sets for the money are those that can provide you with the most forgiveness possible. Also, the clubs should also be made from high-quality materials.

How Much Is A Good Golf Club Set?

More often than not, a great golf club set is in the 200 to 300 dollars range. After all, we must take into account the high-quality materials as well as the techs involved.

What Are The Best Golf Clubs For The Money?

From our experience, the best golf clubs for the money are usually those that are made from graphite material. Besides, they usually make use of new techs.

Do More Expensive Golf Clubs Make A Difference?

A more expensive golf club is capable of making a difference if they have the latest and best tech with them. However, there is still a compatibility issue.

What Brand Of Clubs Do Most Pros Use?

TaylorMade is arguably the most popular brand in the professional golfer world. Nonetheless, as we are still newbies, it is not wise to imitate the pros.

What Are The Best Cheap Golf Club?

From the reviews above, we have concluded that the best cheap golf club is one that belongs to the Callawat Rogue X set.

Should I Buy A Golf Set Or Individual Clubs?

If you are just starting out, we recommend that you get a golf set, as they can offer you a lot of forgiveness.

Why Are Titleist Clubs So Expensive?

The reason for their price is the fact that they tend to develop and utilize the latest tech. Due to this, their clubs always carry a greater advantage.

Are Wilson Clubs Any Good?

Wilson is among the most known golf club equipment manufacturers for a reason. In fact, almost all of their clubs are high-quality.

What Is A Good Brand For Golf Clubs For Beginners?

We believe that Callaway and their more forgiving golf clubs are undoubtedly the best if you want to learn more about the game.

Best Golf Club Sets For The Money Conclusion

From our review and buying guide, we hope you can finally determine your best fit among the ten best golf club sets for the money. Obviously, if you still cannot make a confident decision, we suggest getting the Precise M3 to try out for a while.