Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers Reviews

In the game of golf, the word “handicap” is often used. Many golfers use the word, but not everyone knows what it means. So, before we review the best golf balls for high handicappers let`s be clear what exactly is a handicap?

A golf handicap is a quantitative indicator of a golfer’s ability and allows players of different capabilities to contend against each other. The Handicap System is put in place to promote a much more leveled playing field for everyone. A professional golfer pitting himself against a novice would be highly unjust. Hence the handicapping scheme is designed to eliminate the inevitable inequality by grouping the best players into leagues.

In gameplay, the disparity in handicaps is used to determine the number of strokes the high handicap player can earn from the low handicap player. This score is used to calculate the number of strokes played during a tournament, but it is not the same as your actual golf score. To put it simply, the handicap is approximately the total amount of swings a player makes to get the ball from the tee to the hole. The lower the handicaps you’ll have, the more significant player you’ll be considered. 


 What is considered a high handicapper in golf?

 The USGA allows a maximum handicap of 36 for men and 40 for women. A player with a handicap of more than 20 is commonly referred to as a high handicapper. But, don’t be discouraged if you fall under this category. The majority of high handicap golfers seem to be either new to the game, and the rest do not have the time required to practice and further improve their game. The USGA allows men to play with a handicap of 36 and women to play with a handicap of 40. A player with a handicap of more than 20 is commonly referred to as a high handicapper. 


CHOOSING the Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers


 Choosing the correct ball for a high handicap golfer will help you significantly develop your game and maximize your golfing abilities on the golf course. However, selecting the right golf balls for beginners and high handicappers is difficult because no two high handicap golfers are alike. Some individuals have sluggish swings, and others have quick swings. Some golfers want a gentle feel, while others are unconcerned with the feel and just try to hit the ball as far as possible.

There are players who want to create a lot of spin on their short drives, while others want a ball that spins as least as possible to eliminate hooks and cuts. The most important point to understand is that you should be mindful of your game skills when picking the best golf balls for yourself because each one has a different set of characteristics. 


 However, as a high handicapper, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the right golf balls. Some of them are:



 If you’d like to get the best out of your golf balls, you will have to know everything there is to know about them, including the various construction materials techniques being used. The construction materials used in a golf ball can vary between 1 and 5 pieces. For the higher handicapper, the best golf ball would be one that provides the distance and spin needed to improve your game of golf. 

 Two-piece golf balls are the best golf balls for generating distance and longevity. They are simple balls and are usually aimed towards high handicappers or beginners and two distinct compounds. The first is a firm rubber or hard plastic core, making the ball incredibly firm, less vulnerable to cuts, and almost indestructible, but still adding more distance to a player’s game.

The second layer consists of a Surlyn or urethane shell. Besides that, two-piece golf balls are low-compression balls, and it’s common knowledge that lower-compression balls are smoother and compact more, which means they can significantly increase distance for slow swing speeds.

 Three-piece golf balls contain an additional layer made up of soft rubber, which offers more spin, giving the golfer better control over their ball flight. The more layers a ball consists of, the higher the level of spin-separation will be created. However, these balls tend to be more delicate than the two-piece golf balls, making them more prone to cuts and scratches.

 A four-piece golf ball has a sturdy rubber core covered by two cover layers and an outer layer, usually urethane. They’re an ideal alternative for golfers who want even more spin regulation and the opportunity to fine-tune their shots, thanks to their intricate construction. However, these balls are usually engineered for Tour-level golfers who use them to maximize speed and precision.

In our opinion, the best type of golf ball construction for high handicappers would be a 2-3 piece golf ball, since their construction allows them low-compression and improves their flight. Moreover, the ball’s spin is also affected by the number of layers used in the ball’s anatomy; the more layers there are, the lower the spin. 



 Dimples are unquestionably a golf ball’s most essential features since they dictate how far the ball goes. The dimple function reduces aerodynamic drag on the golf ball’s surface, causing it to fly straighter and further. A typical golf ball has between 300 and 500 dimples. The higher the launch and the lower the spin rate, the bigger and shallower the dimples are. So, these are the best option for high handicap and entry-level golfers.

 Simply put, If you’re looking to make distance shots at slower swing speeds, your choice should be to go with shallow dimples. But, if you have a fast swing, then it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to introduce a little drag and spin, and your choice should be a golf ball with deeper dimples. 


Spin rate 

 Regardless of reach, the spin rate tends to help stop the ball on the green and control the pitch and chip shots more effectively. The dimple pattern and compression, as previously said, can influence the spin you get from your game on various terrains. 

 A golf ball has a moderate, low, or high spin that translates to club spin. A higher ball flight is achieved with more spin. Is this, though, actually a positive thing for high handicappers and amateur golfers? Not really, since spin causes the ball to fly in directions that are radically different from what you plan. As a result, high handicap golfers should use low-spin balls that maximize reach.

 All in all, avoid golf balls that promise to offer high levels of spin unless you’re confident in your ability to handle high levels of spin as an ordinary golfer. If there is less spin produced, you will have more power.


Cover Composition 

 The outer cover on golf balls determines the way they behave during the game. Its cover essentially determines the golf ball’s spin and flight.

 A urethane cover tends to be much smoother. It helps the ball to grasp the grooves on the club more efficiently, resulting in a much softer feel, more generous feedback, and more spin, especially on green and approach shots, but it also makes them more susceptible to cuts and marks. Surlyn is a potent substance that gives a marginally firmer feel, and the primary focus is to provide distance. Surlyn helps the ball absorb further damage without altering the ball’s outer consistency but makes it harder for the club grooves to grasp the spin-causing surface. So, when you’re on the hunt for the best golf ball as a beginner, you should strive to find a golf ball that offers a balance between feel and distance.




1. The Vice Pro Soft Golf Ball

The Vice Pro Soft Golf Ball


Over the last few years, Vice Golf has established itself as one of the major brands in the direct-to-consumer golf ball industry. 

Would you like to get exceptional feel and input, as well as high spin and balance on and off the green as a high handicapper? You’ve come to the right spot. The new Vice Pro Soft golf ball has a matte exterior coating designed for excellent distance, a steady flight trajectory, and improved speed, making it the best golf ball for distance. The Pro Soft has a higher compression rate on impact and offers more distance off the tee. But, they can be a little tricky to control around the greens than most soft golf balls. As a result, high handicap players get so much more distance, while low handicap players will have more difficulty making shots.

To begin with, the current Vice Pro Soft has an adapted KIL putting line for improved visual understanding of balance when addressing the ball. To meet the highest putting and alignment requirements, the extra-long and highly noticeable “Keep In Line” (KIL) putting line with sharp edges was created in partnership with amateurs and educational professionals.

Secondly, the Vice Pro Soft is the world’s first matte cast urethane golf ball with S2TG technology. The VICE Pro Soft golf ball has a cast urethane cover about half the standard distance golf balls’ thickness. It has a solid feel off the bat, but it lands softly and easily stops with more than enough spin when you do need it. Plus, despite its ultra-thin shell, the VICE Soft is extremely sturdy relative to other urethane balls, so you will not have any issues with scuffed balls on the first few holes, making it an ideal choice for beginners or average golfers. 

On the other hand, the matte impact is caused by tiny pieces of silicate trapped in the ball’s transparent lacquer coating. This special thin coating ensures the smooth feel of the ball and exceptional adhesion to the green. Another benefit of the Vice Pro Soft’s unique matte coating is that it significantly decreases glare when addressing the ball while still providing excellent clarity on the field and in the sky.

Furthermore, the 336-dimple configuration reduces the drag that normally exists around a golf ball in flight, providing a smooth ball flight trajectory and keeping the ball steady on its course even in windy weather. The Vice Pro Soft also features the company’s patented S2TG technology, which provides excellent backspin and power.

Finally, this golf ball’s increased High Energy Speed Core (HESC) contributes significantly to its status as one of the best distance golf balls for high handicappers! The enhanced High Energy Speed Core (HESC) produces higher ball speed for medium and lower swing speeds and hence more driving distance. It has a strong balance of spin to give you distance off the tee while also allowing you to manage your approach shots. 

Everything considered the Vice Pro Soft balls are made for normal players with low to mid swing speeds, making them ideal for handicappers with a handicap of 15-20. The Pro Soft has a low-compression core for an ultra-soft, flexible feel.


2. The Titleist AVX Golf Ball

The Titleist AVX Golf Ball


Being a high handicap golfer doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use expensive urethane-covered golf balls like the Pro V1 to improve your game. Instead, you can go for a more affordable golf ball alternative to the Pro V1, like the Titleist AVX. The Titleist AVX golf ball is a high-quality, consistent competitor to the Pro V1 and Pro V1x in the premium performance market. The AVX’s core was extended, and the designers thinned the coating. As a result, the ball can produce more distance while retaining a lower ball flight, making it one of the best golf balls for high handicappers.

Firstly, AVX employs cutting-edge, elevated speed, low-compression core technology, resulting in an efficient engine that moves a long distance while retaining a soft feel. The low compression center was developed to minimize the shot height and increase golf balls’ distance as they hit the tee driver. The AVX core’s low compression rating makes for full bend at impact, producing a rebound effect off the clubface. Simply put, the center is designed to hold the golf ball low and pierce the wind for the longest time possible from a three-piece golf ball.

This three-piece golf ball has a softer urethane shell, a second casing layer underneath the cover that flexes for optimum energy transfer to the high speed, and a medium compression core to fit the larger core. The AVX’s cover is made of a soft urethane material that improves golf balls’ feel when they leave the clubface. The urethane cover of the AVX also aids in shot-stopping capacity across the green. The AVX has increased the ball’s backspin after leaving the face of your favorite wedge, unlike two-piece balls.

The thinner urethane cover allows you to control your scoring shots into the green with greater precision. The thermoset casting method adds to the longevity of this urethane shell, allowing Titleist to sell this quality ball in a high-optic yellow version as well. Plus, unlike other luxury golf balls with urethane covers, the AVX’s urethane cover is highly tough and resistant to cuts and stains.

What makes the AVX the best alternative for the Pro V1 is that it features the same amount of tetrahedral dimples (352) as the Pro V1 but is constructed using a Tetrahedral Catenary. The AVX’s dimples are shallower and broader than the Pro V1/x’s, with far more vertical walls for each dimple. The tetrahedral catenary dimple pattern engraved in the urethane takes over as the AVX leaves the club, minimizing drag and keeping the golf balls down for the longest drive ever.

Last but not least, the AVX has a High Flex casing layer designed by Titleist to deal with the flex that happens during impact. This additional layer increases spin and helps in long-distance travel, making the AVX golf ball perfect for beginners and handicappers with a handicap of 20.

In conclusion, the Titleist AVX is the best golf ball for high handicappers who value reach, soft feel, and a piercing, low ball flight as it offers excellent scoring control. It’s also one of the better and more economical Pro V1 alternatives.

The Bridgestone E6 ball has also been featured in our best golf balls for beginners’ article. Bridgestone E6 golf ball is another two-piece top-performing ball that has been optimized for golfers with moderate swing speeds seeking straighter shots and maximum distance on all shots. The refurbished 2-piece low compression core construction has been designed to enhance the ball speed while retaining a soft feel and, because of the larger and softer core, the ball compresses much more quickly.

This design and the soft compression together significantly reduce the spin on the tee shots, which reduces sidespin that results in hooks and slices, generating straighter and longer drives. Plus, the reformulated Surlyn cover is softer than in previous generations. This ball could prove extremely beneficial if the launch is something you are struggling with. 

These golf balls feature the patented Delta Dimple design, which means that the ball will provide you with a straight distance while having great forgiveness due to the smoother air resistance from the dimples. This allows the ball to climb higher, helping to lift it. The Dual Dimple pattern keeps its pace faster than any of the conventional dimple patterns do. Moreover, these golf balls are incredibly cost-efficient. So, if regularly losing and changing golf balls is a problem for you, these are certainly worth checking out. Optic Yellow color is also available for better visibility on the fairway, green, and rough.

To sum it all up, the e6 soft is appropriate for those with slow swing speeds, wanting to achieve distance with reduced sidespin. Thanks to its 2-piece structure and comfortable feel, the Bridgestone e6 golf balls will support average or below-average swing speed players. Balls are certainly below average cost relative to other golf balls similar and still manage to provide the same feel and durability.


3. The Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Ball

The Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Ball


The Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track golf ball is without a doubt the best golf ball for high handicappers who swing at 85 mph. It provides outstanding driver reach and a decent mix of distance and spins with iron shots at slow and medium swing speeds. While it doesn’t spin as hard as other wedge balls, beginners and high handicappers don’t generally anticipate shots to spin back into the pin. Callaway’s ERC Soft has been updated with new technologies and features to make it the company’s longest soft-feeling ball.

The ERC Soft Triple Track golf ball features “Triple Track” technology for starters, which can help balance when putting, which is a problem for both beginners and high handicappers. This technology utilizes Vernier Visual Acuity to increase alignment when opposed to a traditional side stamp alignment aid.

Moreover, the ERC Soft Triple Track ball also boasts Callaway’s largest Graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core, with the wider inner core optimizing compression energy at impact. Graphene is one of the most durable and versatile materials the world has ever known, allowing the Dual Quick Core to be smooth to the touch. This Graphene-infused Core reduces driver spin and aids in generating substantial launch for some more yards, which is ideal for high handicap golfers with slow swing speeds.

To maximize durability and speed, the core collaborates with the High-Speed Mantle. In three-piece low-compression balls like the ERC soft, the mantle layer is particularly important. Wrapping a harder core material in a firmer mantle helps produce pace on longer shots and provides a firmer underlayer for the cover to play against, resulting in more spin around the green.

The ERC Soft’s new Hybrid Cover includes a DOW-developed PARALOID Impact Modifier. This enabled Callaway to develop a multi-material design with a unique combination of maximum distance from high launch and low spin, soft feel, longevity, and outstanding greenside control. The multi-material construction improves energy transfer between layers, resulting in increased ball speed and wedge spin on the green.

The PARALOID, on the other hand, increases the cover’s stability to improve ball speed while also improving impact power and longevity, making it suitable for beginners and high-handers. Furthermore, the ERC Soft costs a few pounds less per dozen. Lastly, the ERC soft is available in two colors: white and yellow. 

In conclusion, the Callaway ERC Soft is the best golf ball for beginners and high handicappers, particularly for those with a slow swing speed of 85 or less. As with the Triple Track Technology, the ERC Soft provides an amazing combination of maximum distance from high launch and low spin, soft sound, stability, excellent greenside control, and improved alignment.


4. The Bridgestone Tour B330 RXS Golf Ball

The Bridgestone Tour B330 RXS Golf Ball


 Bridgestone revamped the B RX and B RXS to be a tour-quality ball for the average golfer. The Hydro Core Technology in the Latest Tour B330 RXS is configured to minimize spin for a longer reach. The B330 RXS can offer tour-level efficiency and spin for high handicappers and players who swing below 105 mph when combined with Bridgestone’s proprietary soft 330 Dual Dimple Urethane cover.

Similar to the other golf balls in the Tour B line, the Bridgestone Tour B330 RXS has a Gradational Compression Center. As it gets closer to the cover, the Gradational Compression Center becomes firmer, resulting in increased energy transfer and decreased spin. The Gradational Compression center creates incredibly high initial ball speeds, allowing you to hit the ball further off the tee. It also guarantees precision by lowering side spin speeds on the Bridgestone Tour B. These qualities are ideal for golfers with a high handicap who want more accuracy and reach.

The Bridgestone Tour B RXS Gradational Compression Core’s compression rating is another noteworthy attribute. This golf ball has a compression ranking of 64. As a result, it’s probably the easiest golf ball is the Bridgestone Tour B line to compact. This is the best golf ball for you if you don’t have a high swing pace, want to reduce side spin off the tee, and want to test out a Tour B line golf ball.

The Tour B RXS, like nearly all branded golf balls, has a urethane cover, but not just any urethane cover. Bridgestone’s SlipRes technology has been used on the cover of the Bridgestone Tour B330 RXS. For full greenside spin and decreased spin off the driver for a longer distance, the recently designed SlipRes Cover has the highest friction coefficient ranking available. The SlipRes technology also makes the cover more sturdy, enabling you to play for longer periods.

Finally, it has a modern 338-dimple pattern that supports a more predictable trajectory and flight conditions. The dual dimple pattern’s outer edge facilitates a shallower landing angle for even more roll-on tee shots, whereas the inner shaping facilitates initial launch and distance. This overall improvement in dual dimple technology is expected to improve aerodynamics over a longer range of flight. 

All in all, the Tour B330 RXS is a technologically advanced golf ball that can compete with the finest golf balls on the market today. If you want full reach with a soft and tolerant feel, the Tour B330 RXS is unquestionably the ball for you.


5. The Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball


The Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball is known as one of the best golf balls for players with a high handicap. These golf balls are designed to assist golfers at all skill levels in getting the most out of their swing. These golf balls have titanium cores that are ultra-reactive and an aerodynamic construction that improves lift and flight stability.

The Nitro Ultimate Distance is a two-piece golf ball with a high-quality titanium core inside built to increase performance and optimize energy transfer from the clubhead to the golf ball. The Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball’s cover is constructed using Dupont Lithium Surlyn, which means it can last longer and scuff less. Surlyn is a versatile material with a much firmer feel to it, with the primary aim of having optimum reach. It aids in the ball’s ability to withstand further damage while maintaining its outer consistency.

The Aerodynamically constructed symmetrical dimples on the ball cover also maintain high flight stability, even in harsh wind conditions, allowing the Nitro Ultimate Distance to provide less spin and greater speed and distance. Longer shots are possible thanks to the aerodynamic and symmetrical dimple structure, increasing lift and reducing drag. This functionality also ensures a higher level of precision, heightened sense of well-being on and near golf greens. Plus, since this is a mid-compression ball with a compression of 90, if you’re a fast swinger, it can cross a long distance.

They’re also UCGA-approved, which means they’re legal to use in competitions if you choose to do so properly. Finally, these golf balls are available in orange and yellow, making them easy to find on the golf course. 

To summarize, the Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls are one of the best golf balls for high handicappers in this price category, as they have an excellent spin ratio to aid in ball control, especially when putting.

Srixon AD333 is yet another golf ball that has been covered in our best golf balls for beginners’ article. If you’re a beginner golfer on the hunt for a decent, reasonably priced golf ball with a long reach and a great short game, then look no further than the Srixon AD333 golf ball is just the right match for you! The refurbished Srixon AD333 golf ball is a luxury golf ball with lower compression. The lower the compression of the ball, the more likely the ball is to deform at effect. It provides golfers with a better-balanced performance that gives golfers excellent reach, soft feel, and green-side control.

This can be accomplished with three technologies to ensure balanced performance, longer, more accurate driving distance, improved iron control, and increased green-side spinning. A low-compression Energy Gradient Growth Center, a modern generation Spin Skin coating, and a 338 aerodynamic speed dimple architecture are all included in the updated AD333.

So, how exactly do these features improve the overall quality of the game? Firstly, the urethane film on the thin ionomer cover of Srixon Spin Skin 3rd generation has a versatile molecular bond coating that delves into the wedge and grooves and provides full spin power on approach shots. Second, by generating thin air turbulence that clings to the ball’s surface, the 388 Dimple pattern template decreases drag and adds boost, giving you a smooth trajectory that will increase your total reach, ball flight, and precision, even in the most challenging wind conditions.

Furthermore, Variable stiffness is used by the low compression core technologies to give each shot a great feel and an extraordinary reach. It also reduces spin a little by being softer in the center and then progressively firmer towards its edges. 

It is quite impressive how the AD333 golf ball uses the same premium technology as the Srixon’s high-performance tour-level balls but somehow manages to cater to a much broader audience. But what gives the AD333 golf balls an edge is the 2-piece low-compression structure that tends to more durable and pocket friendly. The golf ball is less costly due to its 2-piece structure, but despite that, the ball still provides more extended reach, higher spin, and a smoother feel around the greens.

Finally, the AD333 comes in white and yellow to assist beginners that may be struggling with visibility.

To sum it all up, the Srixon AD333 is undoubtedly one of the best entry-level golf balls available in the market. The AD333 is a luxury but moderately priced golf ball offering a low-compression design that provides superior, balanced performance for golfers who expect exceptional reach, feel, and green-side grip.


6. The TaylorMade TP5 Golf Ball

TaylorMade TP5 Golf Ball


The TaylorMade TP5 is our pick for the best luxurious golf ball for high handicappers who don’t intend to spend a little more money on their golf balls. The ball’s multi-layer construction provides excellent feel, spin, and reach. TaylorMade’s patented 5-layer ball structure is the secret to achieving improved speed without losing spin efficiency. The TP5/TP5x features a Tri-Fast Core for full carry and minimal drag and a Dual-Spin Cover with an ultra-soft, extremely durable cast urethane cover for total tee-to-green results.

The Tri-Fast Core is wound between five firm layers for incredible response and feel in the TaylorMade TP5. You’ll notice the softness of the TP5 on the face of the club when you’re putting on the green or taking a shot with your 5-iron. This five-layer center provides incremental compression, optimal energy transfer, and maximum speed on high swing speed shots.

The TP5’s smoother cast urethane Dual-Spin cover, on the other hand, allows the ball to better grip the grooves on the club, resulting in a much softer feel, more responsive feedback, and more spin, particularly on green and approach shots. TaylorMade claims that decoupling the connection between dimple thickness and dimple density on the current TP5 and TP5x (both balls have the same cover) could minimize drag. For golfers, this ensures that the Tour Flight dimple preserves lift better during the flight. Simply put, it lasts longer in the air and does not balloon. For both versions, the effect is more distance.

Furthermore, the new TP5 includes a new material called HFM (High-flex Material), which provides increased ball speed through a better trampoline-like effect. HFM works like a tightly wrapped spring, storing energy and easily rebounding to increase ball speed. This architecture, known as the Speed-Layer Framework, brought TP5 a new degree of speed over the previous generation.

Taking all into account, the TaylorMade TP5 is the best multi-layer golf ball for high handicappers who want a ball that performs well across the greens and has a low spin rate with the driver. Many experts consider this widely respected all-around ball to be the best golf ball TaylorMade has ever created. The TaylorMade TP5 is the perfect ball for players who have trouble spinning the ball because it maximizes spin and provides total distance and control.


7. The TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Ball

TaylorMade Tour Response Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers


TaylorMade developed the Tour Response to meet amateur golfers’ demands who want tour-caliber performance from their golf ball without paying the hefty price tag linked with professional balls. The TaylorMade Tour Response is more affordable and performs better than the TP5 and TP5x, its flagship models. It has a lightweight but sturdy ionomer cover that provides all-around consistency with a smoother feel, and it’s one of the best low compression golf balls for high handicappers.

Urethane golf balls are the established norm and are used by every tour player on the planet. The TaylorMade Golf Tour Response is made entirely of cast urethane. The advantages of this form of cover include a smoother feel at contact and a propensity for the golf ball to “stick” somewhat longer on the face of your club, potentially resulting in increased reach. Plus, there’s the extra benefit of increased greenside spin. Alternatively, cheaper golf balls, particularly those targeted at beginners and high handicappers, normally have a surlyn cover, which is sturdier but doesn’t feel light.

The TaylorMade Golf Response golf ball is a multi-layered golf ball designed for golfers who have difficulty holding the ball airborne at low to average swing speeds. The ZnO Flex Core gives this golf ball a low compression rating of just 40, making it the best low compression golf ball on the market. This ultra-low 40 compression core provides a smoother feel while optimizing energy transfer and rebound at impact, allowing you to cover more ground. The soft inner core is surrounded by a firmer second layer known as the Speedmantle, enabling an explosive flow of energy and improved ball speeds.

Finally, the Tour Response golf ball comes in white and high-visibility yellow for those who need assistance finding their golf ball in flight and on the ground.

To summarize, if you’d like a little more leverage around the greens than most other mid-priced golf balls, particularly when pitching and chipping, the Tour Response ball is very well worth putting in action. The TaylorMade Tour Response golf ball is designed to provide quality tour-level output at compression and price appropriate for an inexperienced golfer’s swing pace and budget.

8. The Volvik Vivid Golf Ball

Volvik Vivid Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers


Volvik holds 58 patents worldwide, and their golf balls are gaining traction in the industry. The Volvik Vivid is designed for golfers who want more distance and have a driver clubhead speed of 70-90 MPH. The Volvik Vivid has an Extremely Durable Power Core that offers explosive distance while retaining a relaxed feel. The cover of this ball has an SF Matte Coating, which enhances aerodynamics and increases trajectory. For improved results, the Vivid is designed with a high greenside spin.

The ball guarantees stability and longevity on the course with a low compression level of 75 and a 3-piece structure. The Volvik Vivid is a low-compression center that provides a highly soft feel while reducing spin for improved distance, making it an excellent choice for ordinary golfers with sluggish swing speeds. The Vivid has a gentle sound and feels with the putter, but it also has a degree of firmness that provides a little more feedback than most balls in this category.

The Vivid is available in nine bright shades, and the brand says it is the world’s first matte polished ball. Some golfers may be turned off by the absence of a white and black golf ball, but the ball’s fluorescent colors make it easier to find on the course. This means you’ll be able to recover most of them over time. You’ll now be able to spot the ball more when in the air, which means you’ll develop your swing, strike, and overall strategy by being able to track the trajectory more and see the ball more clearly.

Additionally, the Volvik Vivid Golf ball has an SF Matte Coating on the cover, improving aerodynamics and increasing flight trajectory, allowing for long carrying shots that go high and land softer on the green. These dimples form a super-thin, turbulent boundary surface along the golf ball’s perimeter, smoothing out the flowing air and driving the golf ball upwards. A matte coating extends the golf ball’s life, meaning that a single bounce on the cart path or against a tree does not necessitate its replacement.

To summarize, If you’re an ordinary golfer searching for optimum distance from a low-cost, easy-to-find golf ball, the Volvik is the way to go. With their long irons and clubs, amateur golfers can find the ball useful on the greens. The center has been revamped to allow mid and high handicappers the most distance possible.

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