At The Golf Informant, we stand for the players who truly love the game of golf.  The player that wakes up early to get out to the course before work, or goes out on the weekend with their family or friends. The player that takes their children to the driving range, or plays a round of golf to bond with their mother or father. The player who simply wants to improve their game and to enjoy the beautiful game of golf.

We stand for these players, because at The Golf Informant we are these players!

So here is the deal, at The Golf Informant we do not accept payment in order to give products a better review or to highlight it in into one of our buyers guide.  At The Golf Informant we have one goal, to find the best golf gear available and present them to you.  Our team researches, analyzes, and golf course test each and every one of the products featured. The select few that make it through our rigorous scrutiny are simply the ones we feel are worth your time, energy, and money.

We created the Golf Informant to provide our fellow golfers unbiased reviews, buyer guides, tips, and advice that can and will help you improve your golf game.  The Golf Informant team is here to bring the information you need to take your golf game to the next level.  Have questions, comments, you can email me anytime.

The Golf Informant is made by Golfers for Golfers.